Organizations and Support Groups Focused on LGBTQ Mormons

  • Affirmation: A more liberal LDS support group that provides resources and connection for LGBTQ+ current and former LDS church members. They seek to help LGBTQ+ individuals live healthy lives regardless of sexual orientation or faith.
  • ALL Arizona LDS LGBT Friend & Family: A middle-ground Facebook group of Arizona LDS members who desire to fellowship with LGBTQ+ Mormons and their friends and family members. This group seeks to take no definitive position on religion or sexuality, but instead seeks to foster conversation and understanding across sexualities.
  • Encircle: A conservative, non-profit organization that seeks to provide hope for LGBTQ+ individuals, as well as find support within their families and communities. While not affiliated with the LDS church, Encircle is headquartered in Utah and targets its services to LGBTQ+ individuals and their families who are affiliated with the LDS church.
  • Flourish Therapy: Mental health services in Orem, Utah that provide affirming counseling services at a subsidized cost to LGBTQ+ individuals and their families and friends. They seek to help such individuals navigate their journey to understand sexuality, gender identity, and spirituality.
  • Journey into Manhood: A conservative Facebook group of interfaith men who have completed the Journey Into Manhood program and typically pursue a goal of minimizing the sexualization of other men.
  • LDS Family Fellowship: A support organization interested in strengthening relationships between LGBTQ+ LDS individuals and their family and friends.
  • LGBTQ Affirmative Therapist Guild of Utah: A liberal, non-profit organization of mental-health professionals who are committed to providing LGBTQ-affirmative resources to the Utah community.
  • Mama Dragons: A liberal group of mothers who support, educate, and empower other mothers of LGBTQ+ children. Largely LDS-based, this group envisions a world in which all mothers fiercely love and advocate for their LGBGQ+ children.
  • Men Finding Peace: A conservative group of men who experience same-sex attraction and still seek to be fully involved in the LDS faith.
  • Mormons Building Bridges: An avowedly apolitical organization focused on making all LGBTQ+ people welcome in LDS congregations. This group seeks to embrace and amplify innovation and collaboration that helps LGBTQ+ people thrive.
  • North Star: A conservative LDS group that focuses on providing a safe space and resources for LGBTQ+/same-sex attracted individuals who wish to remain in the LDS church.
  • Utah Pride Center: A liberal organization that seeks to unite, empower, and celebrate Utah’s LGBTQ+ community by providing a safe and welcoming space for education, partnership, service, and events.

LGBTQ Mormon Podcasts

  • Book of Mormon with Ryan: A podcast by LGBTQ+ Mormons that explores the intersection of Mormon faith, upbringing, and culture with the experience of growing up and living as an LGBTQ+ individual.
  • Drunk Mormon Podcast: A podcast hosted by a former member of the CJCLDS, David John Banks. The podcast focuses on telling the more controversial material regarding the CJCLDS, and often discusses LGBTQ+ matters.
  • Latter Gay Stories: An explicitly LGBTQ-affirming podcast that focuses on allowing LGBTQ+ individuals to share their journeys and experiences in order to foster more honest conversation about religion and sexuality.
  • Latter-day Lesbian: A podcast by an ex-Mormon gay woman that focuses on religious trauma and later-in-life LGBTQ issues.
  • Listen. Learn. Love.: A middle-ground podcast that seeks to provide a voice for people who are often perceived as minorities or outsiders in the CJCLDS. The aim of the podcast is to allow for more nuanced conversation regarding some controversial CJCLDS topics from a faith-promoting perspective.
  • Love is Spoken Queer: A podcast focusing on discussion of LDS gospel topics by active LGBTQ members.
  • Mormon Mental Health Podcast: A podcast serving as an online mental health resource for the CJCLDS community.
  • Mormon Stories: A podcast aimed at LDS individuals who are undergoing or have undergone faith transitions away from the CJCLDS
  • Questions from the Closet: A podcast hosted by two gay and active CJCLDS members that is aimed toward LGBTQ+ LDS individuals who are still closeted. The hosts discuss common questions from LGBTQ+ members of the CJCLDS.
  • This Week in Mormons: A podcast aimed at active LDS individuals that seeks to provide honest and humorous analysis of various aspects of the CJCLDS.

Other LGBTQ Mormon Research Groups

Suicide Awareness and Hotlines

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